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List of rulers of Welayta

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Historically, the Kingdom of Wolaita was ruled by more than fifty kings.[1] The rulers used the title Kawo. Legendarily, ~1251 is the year of Welayta's founding. (In traditional oral sources, where the state of Wolayta also existed during the Aksumite empire, or even earlier, with more than 42 dynasties. The Mala and Tigre dynasty are the most recent ones).[citation needed] The following were the rulers of the Wolayta kingdom and province in present-day southern Ethiopia.

Rulers of Welayta until 1900[2]
Tenure Incumbent Notes
Damot dynasty[3] Motolomi[3]
Wolaita Mala dynasty
Unknown Dates Unknown rulers Ended with the Oromo migrations
Tigre dynasty
c. 1560 Mikael of Walayta, Kawo
16th century Girma Ketema, Kawo
17th century Gazenja, Kawa
17th century Addaye Gazayna, Kawa
18th century Kote Adaye, Kawo
18th century Libana Kote, Kawo
1707 to 1748 Sana Tube, Kawo
? to 1761 Tube Libana, Kawo Died in office
1761 to 1800 Ogato Sana, Kawo
1800 to 1835 Amado Ogato, Kawo
1835 to 1845 Damote Amado, Kawo
1845 to 1886 Gobe Damote, Kawo
1886 to c.1890 Gaga Gobe, Kawo
1890 to 1896 Tona Gaga, Kawo Warlike, the last and greatest king.
Waylata conquered by Menelik II and incorporated into Ethiopia 1894
October 1894 to 1900 Tekle Haymanot, Negus


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