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Additions and removals[edit]

I have been getting some most unexpected behaviour from the history system but from the revision of 18:48, 2003 Aug 27, I have recovered several people and US places that had dropped off. I see no reason why they should not be here - they have more right than the red-linked UK place names.

Anyone tempted to reinstate:

If the Penkyamp system, instead of Pinyin, were the standard romanization system for the Chinese language, then Lee should be the most common family name on earth.

(as I was) should read Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Penkyamp. RHaworth 01:37, 2005 Jan 19 (UTC)

I have now discovered Lee (English name) but decided to keep my mods because:

  • I for one would not expect to find US towns and counties from a line that read: 'A common English-language family name. See Lee (English name).'
  • it avoids multiple levels of disambiguation.

Lee Stianos has been deleted - assume vandalism by User:

(Trouble is with it being about the most common name on earth you are bound to get vandals on this page.
All I wanted to do was put in a quick link to River Lee and I've been at it for three hours - that's Wiki for you.) RHaworth 02:28, 2005 Jan 19 (UTC)


The people and places sections need to be split off into their own articles and Lee (English name) should merge with the people section in this article under Lee (name). ∞ΣɛÞ² (τ|c) 06:23, 12 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]

When I came here, the people section has already been dealt with. I strongly disagree with the moving of place names, except for all "Lee Counties", which I removed/swapped for a working link to Lee County. I therefore removed the split notice as well. (see more below) – sgeureka tc 23:42, 6 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]


This disambiguation page was marked for cleanup. I removed the following entries:

sgeureka tc 23:42, 6 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]