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2004 European Parliament election in Denmark

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2004 European Parliament election in Denmark

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14 seats to the European Parliament

European Parliament elections were held in Denmark on 13 June 2004 to elect the 14 Danish members of the European Parliament. The opposition Social Democrats made major gains, mainly at the expense of Eurosceptic parties such as the June Movement.



Seats were allocated first by the D'Hondt method to electoral coalitions (Social Democrats + Socialist People's Party; Venstre + Conservative People's Party; June Movement + People's Movement against the EU; Danish Social Liberal Party + Christian Democrats), then subsequently among the parties in each coalition. Compared to straight allocation by party, the People's Movement against the EU gained one seat at the expense of the Conservative People's Party.

Social Democrats618,41232.655+2
Conservative People's Party214,97211.3510
June Movement171,9279.081–2
Socialist People's Party150,7667.9610
Danish People's Party128,7896.8010
Danish Social Liberal Party120,4736.3610
People's Movement against the EU97,9865.1710
Christian Democrats24,2861.2800
Valid votes1,894,34698.58
Invalid/blank votes27,1951.42
Total votes1,921,541100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,012,66347.89
Source: Ministry of the Interior

Seat apportionment

Main apportionment
Letter Electoral alliance/party outside of electoral alliance Votes Quotients Seats
AF Social Democrats/Socialist People's Party 769,178 6.41 6
BK Danish Social Liberal Party/Christian Democrats 144,759 1.21 1
CV Conservative People's Party/Venstre 581,707 4.85 4
JN June Movement/People's Movement against the EU 269,913 2.25 2
O Danish People's Party 128,789 1.07 1
Divisor: 120,000
Alliance 1
Letter Party Votes Quotients Seats
A Social Democrats 618,412 5.62 5
F Socialist People's Party 150,766 1.37 1
Divisor: 110,000
Alliance 2
Letter Party Votes Quotients Seats
B Danish Social Liberal Party 120,473 1.20 1
K Christian Democrats 24,286 0.24 0
Divisor: 100,000
Alliance 3
Letter Party Votes Quotients Seats
C Conservative People's Party 214,972 1.95 1
V Venstre 366,735 3.33 3
Divisor: 110,000
Alliance 4
Letter Party Votes Quotients Seats
J June Movement 171,927 1.91 1
N People's Movement against the EU 97,986 1.09 1
Divisor: 90,000